you're the shrapnel in my side
I was shot by love and torn up by pride
I only did what I thought was best
and as time passes by
I'll try to forget the eyes that gleamed into mine
every night

I'll stop grabbing your hips
I'll stop kissing your lips
I'll stop rubbing your back
when you're trying to sleep
I'll stop calling your name
keep my hands to myself
if you think it'll help
keep you around

but I can't
you're the shrapnel in my side
I don't want to cut you out
but right now that's best
cause you need a break from my stress
and I need to learn a lesson
I should've never let you get away



from A Glimpse Of Self Joy, released November 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Fossil Youth Enid, Oklahoma

T3H Records

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