Intertwined With You

by Fossil Youth



"Intertwined With You" out now on 7”/CD/Digital via Take This To Heart Records.

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released February 3, 2015

Tracked/Mixed/Mastered by Paul Miner at BuzzBomb Sound Labs



all rights reserved


Fossil Youth Enid, Oklahoma

T3H Records

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Track Name: From The Window
dust me off I’m undiscovered a thorn in your side dust me off I’m undiscovered still under your arm I’m tired of pulling teeth tired of me I’m tired of falling for every word you speak I’m a migraine I’m the pulsing in your veins you’re the cold shock I felt in my fingertips I’m the smoke in your lungs like situational therapy you’ll need me everything looks better from the window there’s confidence and consequence and you’ve lost track of what that means which is which and the lines in between I’m tired of pulling teeth I’m tired of me
Track Name: Silver Tongue
I am a sheep in wolf’s clothing I fight to bite but only bark I am desperation never knowing what I want you and i we acted like children we thought we knew what we’d want I don’t know what I want
Track Name: Wick
rip and peel me apart shred up my insides with your vicious heart I’ll grit my teeth shrug off the excess worry I built stock myself with my weaknesses and work it out I’ll fight back the war that’s waging in my head take on the problems that I buried instead like a used up candle wick I’ll hope you set me to flames again set me to flames again
Track Name: Intertwined With You
am I exactly where you thought I’d be alone in the dark all week I’m not quite yet six feet deep but you love the thought of kicking dirt down upon me you are just like a broken compass you lead me into all the worst situations you are what keeps me up at night when all I want is peace of mind I’ve read between the lines and only found a letdown we’re always intertwined I’m choking my spit has become acid I feel uncomfortable in my own skin you are just like a shattered mirror you just bring me bad luck