A Glimpse Of Self Joy

by Fossil Youth



"A Glimpse of Self Joy" out now on 12”/CS/CD/Digital via Take This To Heart Records.

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released November 4, 2016

Tracked at Getaway Recording
Produced/Engineered by Jay Maas and Daniel Florez
Mixed/Mastered by Jay Maas



all rights reserved


Fossil Youth Enid, Oklahoma

T3H Records

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Track Name: Watercolor Daydream
patience grows impatient all of the time and
every once in a while it's followed by a brash goodbye
I know I hurt you even though I never really wanted to
you said you lost faith in me for good

like when the water meets the sand things will dissipate
and all the good in me will resurface
come back to me and find that what we have is worth it

constant memories flood in my every day scenery
the grass is always greener where I will never be
I'll retrace my steps
burning every bridge that's ever carried counterfeit feelings
I'll make amends this time I'll make a difference

salvage every piece
tell me what you do and don't want to see
envelop every part of me
salvage every piece
tell me what you do and don't want to see
be my watercolor daydream

like when the water meets the sand things will dissipate
and all the good in me will resurface
come back to me come back to me
Track Name: We're Caving In
like the wind we're surely losing touch again
I watched the leaves fall from their crooked stems
I'm just another crook who likes to play Mother Nature
pretend that the world isn't as screwed up as it seems

I'm pretty sure that we're both dying
I'm sick of giving a shit
I'm tired of lying
we watched our hair turn bright silver
you and I are caving in

you are the flood to my flower
the outage of power
the reason I toss and turn at every hour
Track Name: Late Night Swim
your love like a poison
and I want it want it
your skin like a castle
and I want in want in
so let me in

dive into your dark room
swim through it for a little while
find pieces of me
that you never thought you'd ever find
you always wonder where I am and what I'm doing
you know I float around your head float around your head

castleskin you shouldn't let me in
cause I just can't keep you safe from me
silent swoon won't you be my favorite moon
I'll howl at you all night howl at you all night

I just can't keep you safe
cause every inch of me is still reaching for your loving
I just can't keep you safe from me
Track Name: Minco
you're the shrapnel in my side
I was shot by love and torn up by pride
I only did what I thought was best
and as time passes by
I'll try to forget the eyes that gleamed into mine
every night

I'll stop grabbing your hips
I'll stop kissing your lips
I'll stop rubbing your back
when you're trying to sleep
I'll stop calling your name
keep my hands to myself
if you think it'll help
keep you around

but I can't
you're the shrapnel in my side
I don't want to cut you out
but right now that's best
cause you need a break from my stress
and I need to learn a lesson
I should've never let you get away

Track Name: Forest Eyes
screaming inside my car as if you could hear me
and my stuttered breathing comes and goes this time of year
like most things I know

forest eyes you're always haunting my mind
like the blades of grass in my backyard
I'll surely cut you in two

we searched the darkest streets for conversation a remedy
red brushed across my face
you are the east wind
you blew me away

we sat on the pavement and whispered the night away
crushing leaves in our hands silently

like the big oak tree in your backyard
I can't do a thing
Track Name: Feel The Same
you have got that black and blue
shade across your face
this feeling's dead now isn't it
with distance you've been out of reach
I feel incomplete I wish you would slip into me

this isn't love yet is it
we used to talk the same feel the same

cover me up like a blanket
need you to make my cold words warm
there's urgency submerged in me
locked behind my teeth
you are the key you unravel me

this isn't love yet is it
I need to figure myself out
I need you to talk me down

there's a fire in our eyes
we haven't seen in a while
for the first time in a long time
this is what love is isn't it
feeling everything at once
there's a fire in our eyes burning wild
Track Name: Sitting In A Spinning Room
you want it to end
pressure that's boiling beneath your skin
like a nervous wreck you don't even feel
safe in the home you grew up in
sick of sitting still in a room that won't stop spinning
you kept your door shut didn't think that anyone would listen

you wanted peace and quiet
drifting through your system
it's not fair at all that you should do this alone

one hand full of pills the other hand full of regret
you wonder how you got here
and why this mess you're in just won't quit
I was just in the next room letting my eyes get heavy
when I awoke to a sound that won't ever stop haunting me

I should have been better I should have been around
but I was selfish only thinking of myself

I sat alone in that spinning room
wondering why I was never a better example for you
in disaster you find a clear view

what would I do without you
Track Name: Open Shut
I am a car crash
I like to sit in the dark no headlights
its quiet and comfortable
but I still don't know what I feel at all

I like to sleep with one eye open
I want to see what kills me
I like to sleep with one eye shut
I don't want to know what I don't know

I am that feeling that you feel when
your legs get nervous
shaking the ground with every step
I don't think I still don't think that
our puzzle piece hands will ever fit
they never quite fit

I feel nothing
I feel nothing at all

I don't want to know what I already know
Track Name: Common Ghost
I watched the smoke rise from your backyard
I watched you cut that oak tree down
a burning sensation lit my lungs
as we watched the embers hit the ground

where did we go wrong
when did we go numb

I wish I was a whisper in the wind
maybe then you'd be listening

and then I wondered what I'd have to do
to get out of this situation to cut out all sense of hesitation
to put a nail in the coffin and bury me in the dirt

silence stirs like scissor tongues that cut our lips with every word
some days I wish we didn't speak
every night I lay awake

you're my common ghost
Track Name: Monochrome
color me impressed
I'm only hearing sirens in my head
they say that you're not the one for me
I thought I had you figured out
but I was so wrong
something struck a nerve in you
more than I ever could
I feel dismantled

color me impressed
I'm still only hearing sirens in my head

I was never meant to be any kind of happy
I was just settling like I always do
Track Name: Color Coded
tell me facts that I already know
as if I don't know how the river flows
it's full of life your lies and broken promise rings
you've made me such a hateful thing

I don't want to live in a box anymore
it's dark in here and the cardboard's torn
I want to see more than these grey color schemes
I don't want to hide I'm a one track mind

lie to me through your teeth
I want to see you at your best
my name has slipped your mind one hundred times
tell me a story of how you've been so busy
you should have color coded me
Track Name: Linger In My Head
I still see you in the back of my head
I know you need me so I'll carry you to bed
and as I lay you down to rest
I see you at your best I see something new

your gums bled self joy and pride
I saw it when you smiled and then I knew
you don't need me at all